Choose Wisely When Choosing Social Media Platforms

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Today, businesses have a plethora of options when it comes to engaging in social media outlets. It can be overwhelming to think about maintaining all of these social media accounts, especially if you do not have a dedicated social media manager. How should you decide which social media platforms to use?

First, define who your target market it is. Are you a start-up that is just looking to build a customer base? Are you a wedding planning company with visual content to promote? Or are you specifically interested in drawing a younger market to your business? Below is an overview of the various social media platforms to consider.


Did you answer “yes” to the wedding planning question above? Or are you another type of business (hair stylists, florists, interior decorators, designers) where visuals are important? Then Pinterest is an important form of social media to consider. The audience is predominantly female, so keep that in mind. You will be able to post images that users can pin to their own boards. This can help draw user back to your blogs or website and sell your services.


A maximum of 140 characters goes into one tweet. Once tweeted, followers will instantly see your post. Hashtags can be used to help followers find and follow your content. It may not be great resource for gaining new customers but it is a great way to let existing customers know what is going on with your business.


Facebook still reigns supreme when it comes to the social media world. Over 1 billion people have Facebook accounts. The average person spends 50 minutes a day on Facebook, which is a significant amount of time to get your business out in front of users. In addition, Facebook has ad services available to businesses that can return important user data. By getting specific on the demographics your business is targeting, Facebook can assist with reaching that target market.


Snapchat, like Twitter, is not a strong tool for a new start up. Snapchat is a way for businesses to visually show their story day to day. This is great for promoting special events or new inventory a business might have. Snapchat is casual, meaning videos do not need to be professional quality to be posted.


Instagram, like Pinterest, is ideal for businesses with visual content. Instagram is a great way to connect with other business, follow customers to see what they like, and highlight your products. Photos should be high quality and consistent with the brand’s overall feel. You can also advertise through Instagram to gain new customers.


Youtube is great for businesses that offer a service. Businesses can create and promote tutorials to show off their services. If your services offers expertise in a certain area, doing talks or lectures on Youtube can be an important way to show potential customers the primary purpose of your business.

In conclusions, your business’ social media presence should be determined by the type of business it is. If you are just getting started with your business, choosing a classic form of social media like Facebook is a good start. If you are trying to reach a younger crowd, consider using Snapchat or Instagram. Also, don’t make the mistake of signing up for every form of social media. Start strong with one or two platforms and grow from there.