Why Content Is Important in Social Media

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Content is king. Many people in the marketing and digital media world have said this and they are mostly right. Content is important and good content is prime for a company to make a positive digital impact.

Why is it important?
Well curated digital content is impactful because of the piece it has in a larger social media strategy. Good content gets shared on Facebook and Twitter, drawing more people into your website. In addition, content should be search engine optimized so that consumers can find it easily when searching topics related to your business.

Now, just because content is important doesn’t mean that you need to start churning out dozens of blog posts each week, quite the opposite actually. Content is all about quality over quantity. Focus on posting a well written blog post once a week. The content should be relevant to your business’ service or product. As experts in your field, this is a time for you to show off what is new with your business.

Don’t have time to create your own content? Consider hiring a social media managing service, which can facilitate regular content creators to help write high-quality and engaging content.

Other Content Types
Content can mean articles but don’t forget about videos or images that represent your services and products. Increasingly, content like Instagram or Snapchat stories are becoming important for small businesses to promote themselves. Users want to spend less time consuming content, so they may prefer to watch a six second video to get all of the information need. Posting quick updates about an upcoming event or release is a great way to get your information out in front of consumers. It can also be a great way to direct consumers to your site by letting them know a new blog is released or a new service is available.

How Content Fits In To Business Strategy
Businesses have started to realize that content is an important piece of social media strategy, which is important to marketing strategies which has an overall effect on the business strategy. So, inherently, content strategy is a building block of the business’ overall strategy. Simon Sinek’s famous TedTalk referenced that people don’t care what you do, they care why you do it. The millennial generation is looking for an authentic connection with a business and content is an important tool for building that connection.

When is the last time you thought of how you would create content to promote your business? It’s something that can easily be forgotten about. Companies may not have the time or resources to create high quality content. Start by identifying what content you are putting out today, if any. Evaluate if it makes sense to use an internal resource or hire an external marketing professional to create content. Determine a schedule of content release (once a week, twice a week, etc.) that would work best. After a period of time releasing regular content, evaluate how the content is impacting visits to your site, search engine optimization and overall marketing strategy.

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